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Vrindāvan Eco-Project

This lush tropical rainforest is a treasure trove of nature at its finest. A former cocoa, coffee and citrus plantation, the forest is home to abundant wildlife and plant species flanked by majestic trees and pure spring-fed streams. Vrindāvan is to be a model of living in harmonious co-existence with all of nature and life around us. Our aim is to be a community of light, honouring all as One Consciousness, One world.

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40 DAYS 2024 | March 26 to May 4, 2024

Our annual 40-Day observance this year is dedicated to The Play of Kuṇḍalinī Shakti.

This a time of dedicated sādhana forging a deeper connection with the mystical and magical Kuṇḍalinī. She is the Universal guiding Power, an evolutionary energy of liberation that is moving in and around us. Experience the Play of Kundalini Shakti in this extraordinary retreat!

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December 2023

A 3-week program dedicated to an intensive development of deeper self assessment and learning to apply a holistic and integrated approach when working with groups and community.

This unique facilitator training program brings together the skills to navigate any and all aspects of life, but with a deeper inner awareness as the compass and a toolkit armed from the subtle space.

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Global Meditations

In a LIVE guided meditation session, Sri Vasudeva brings together a global community with a keen focus on healing and well-being.

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"Knowledge is worth nothing if it is not assimilated and put into practice."

Sri Vasudeva