This path holds many gifts for the true seeker; one who is willing to do the inner work, to dive deeper as we explore the intricate experiences of Kundalini Mahayoga with a guide who resides in this space and knows the journey intimately.

Sri Vasudeva leads the ready and receptive seeker, step-by-step, as we traverse the inner realms of our true Self. He helps us to navigate all the pitfalls and challenges we may face along the way. He takes us even deeper into the inner workings of these mystical practices as we continue along our journey to personal freedom.

Sri Vasudeva shares his own unique and profound spiritual experiences on this path of self-transformation. In accepting this invitation, we can continue to uncover our own natural path of spiritual awakening and evolution through a guided spiritual practice.

Though the retreat has wrapped up, the recordings are alive with the presence and energy of Sri Vasudeva. Each session, message and meditation offers the chance to experience the magic, settle into the practice and take that inner leap.

Review and stay with these practices, it is life changing.

Retreat Topics

Giving Thanks ~ Dakshina

Dakshina is a beautiful ancient spiritual tradition of providing a monetary donation to honour the gift that spiritual teachers selflessly give of their energy, wisdom and time. In giving Dakshina, we bring a humble offering to our guide in return for the invaluable gifts we gain through their timeless teachings.

This forty days is infused with the presence of Sri Vasudeva, his guidance, his love and all that he gives of himself. You are welcome to contribute in giving special thanks to Guru, Sri Vasudeva with an offering of Guru Dakshina.

Sincere thanks for your presence and ongoing support.


This retreat is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our team is here to support your retreat experience fully. Please reach out to us at any time by email should you have any questions or require assistance.

Digital Recording Packages

Every message holds the gift of grace and an opportunity to dive deeper within. The practice of meditation is the one Universal practice that can transform our consciousness, it can help us to know more and more of who we really are and it can take us to optimal living. Meditation can help us to change the karmas, transcend life’s fluctuations and ultimately can free ourselves. If you are really a serious seeker then you will want to make this a daily practice. These meditations are timeless treasures that can be used again and again in your personal sādhana.

Full Retreat Package


US $ 500

Morning Meditation & Talks


US $ 50

Morning Meditation & Talks


US $ 200

Morning Meditation & Talks


US $ 300

Meditations for Healing & Well-Being


US $ 100