Our annual 40-Day observance this year is dedicated to The Play of Kuṇḍalinī Shakti

This a time of dedicated sādhana forging a deeper connection with the mystical and magical Kuṇḍalinī. She is the Universal guiding Power, an evolutionary energy of liberation that is moving in and around us. During this time we are steeped in a period of magic and grace.

Sri Vasudeva guides us through his own unique and profound presence, sharing his own spiritual experiences on this path of self-transformation. He creates an immensely super-charged space around him enveloping all in the same transformative energies of his own 40-Days in 1978 that brought him to a state of complete inner peace and freedom.

Retreat Topics

WEEK-01 | Veiling for the Play

WEEK-02 | The Journey Begins: Awakening & Ascension

WEEK-03 | The Primal Journey

WEEK-04 | The Emotional Journey

WEEK-05 | The Mental Journey

WEEK-06 | The Transcendental Journey: The Bindu & beyond

Retreat Program


Registration Packages

Your generous donations help us to support the entire retreat experience and ensure that our morning livestream is open to all. There are many hearts and hands that come together to ensure the retreat runs smoothly and our operating costs are covered. We thank you for your presence and heartfelt contributions in making this program and many more like it available. 

Guruji, Sri Vasudeva, does not charge for his teachings or his presence. You are welcome to provide Guru Dakshina as an offering of thanks for all that he so freely gives to us all.


Retreat Donation

$ 500 TT/week
  • Retreat Access (In-person/ Virtual/ both)
  • Recordings Review
  • Online Access (Audio & Video)


Retreat Donation

$ 300 USD
  • Exclusive Zoom Access
  • Recordings Review
  • Online Access (Audio & Video)


Retreat Donation + Audio Downloads

$ 450 USD
  • Exclusive Zoom Access
  • Recordings Review
  • High Quality Digital Recordings (Audio MP3)
  • Download Option


Retreat Donation + All Downloads

$ 600 USD
  • Exclusive Zoom Access
  • Recordings Review
  • High Quality Digital Recordings (Audio & Video)
  • Download Option

Guru Dakshina

Dakshina is a beautiful ancient spiritual tradition of providing a monetary donation to honour the gift that spiritual teachers selflessly give of their energy, wisdom and presence. In giving Dakshina, we bring a humble offering to our teacher and guide in return for the invaluable gifts we gain through their timeless teachings.

This forty days is infused with the presence of Sri Vasudeva, steeped in his guidance, his love and all that he gives of himself. This year you may send a special thank you gift to him directly.

Heartfelt thanks for your presence and ongoing support.

Option #1 – Global/International Money Transfer
This is a new option that many banks are offering now with your online banking access. 

Simply sign in to your bank, add a new recipient, choose the amount you want to transfer and send.

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Option #2 – Credit Card payment with Stripe

Support Team

This retreat is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our team is here to support your retreat experience fully. Please reach out to us at any time by email should you have any questions or require assistance.