Welcome to the final module of Mahayoga Immersion program, now called Mahayoga Masterclass with Sri Vasudeva

The new curriculum fuses together the philosophy of Mahayoga together with the practices from this year’s 40-Day sādhana showing you how to integrate this in your daily life.

Access Course Content

Every Monday, a new lesson is released. You are welcome to work through the sections at your own pace, taking the time to use all the tools that are available to you. Enjoy!


Online Journal

A wonderful tool for conversing with Sri Vasudeva during these weeks, you are encouraged to capture reflections and share with him your experiences. Feel free to ask questions, though the Universe might bring the answer to you in unique ways, maybe even a direct reply. Your entries will only be accessible to you and Guru directly.

Study Groups:
Seeking a deeper understanding of the materials through sharing, exploring and insightful conversation with others who are also engrossed in the materials and practices.

In Conversation with Sri Vasudeva:
We come together each week in conversation with Guru. Here he addresses all participants, answering questions and allowing the group to share learnings as a whole.