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All are welcome to register. Each offering in the program builds on creating a most interactive experience for you.

Join Sri Vasudeva in an extraordinary meditation experience. This journey is yours for the taking. To make the most of this opportunity requires dedicated time for your practice and reflection. Don’t rush the process, savour each moment, the Universe is supporting you!

The program is funded solely by donations and we gratefully accept any offering you choose to make. Below are suggested donations with an option to choose your amount. Your generous contributions make it possible for the programs to be readily available to seekers across the world.

We extend heartfelt thanks to you for your ongoing support and to Sri Vasudeva for tirelessly sharing his wisdom and offering himself in service to our journey to freedom.


  •  With registration, you will be prompted to create a new account. Please note, this is not the same as any Blue Star login you may currently have. This account is new and will be used only for this program!
  • All donations are collected through Blue Star. You will be re-directed to the Blue Star website to proceed with your donation.
  • Online donations are processed through Stripe using your credit card. Should you wish to make a contribution using another method, please contact our support team to make arrangements. 

Registration includes:

Zoom Access

Zoom allows for an interactive experience with Sri Vasudeva as well as many of the other participants. It is an integral tool for supporting our virtual community, especially for those unable to travel or be here during this most auspicious time.

Interactive Journaling

This year includes an online, interactive, private journal that only Sri Vasudeva and you can see. Here you are encouraged to share your reflections, meditation experiences and insights. The key will be to tune in and use all the tools you have!

Companion Guide

A beautifully crafted e-workbook is gifted to all registered participants. This unique guidebook contains practical insights and simple tools to enhance your practice. Forty themes are provided with key points on the practice for that day.

Study Groups

Daily study groups are also available for those who wish to converse with others who are also following the daily practice. Each group is guided by a trained moderator. The schedule will be sent to you with registration.

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Suggested Donation


Suggested Donation

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