In this intensive 3-day retreat, Sri Vasudeva guides us through our energy anatomy as we learn to become aware of these inner energy paths and feel how it is interwoven with our physical body. Through awakened Kuṇḍalinī, prāṇa, mental, emotional and vital energies we are able to live at our best and to master the energy play of life.

We are energy beings who are built for balance, well-being and joy. We also inhabit a living, intelligent vehicle, our physical body. When we are able to experience the different energies at play within our field, we can learn how to better support our body and thrive, in being and staying well at optimal levels.


DAY-01 | Master the Pranas for Total Well-Being

DAY-02 | Cultivate Qi for Strength, Vitality & Immunity

DAY-03 | Strengthen the Body through Yoga & Qi Gong Practices

Digital Recordings

The digital recordings of this intensive 3-day retreat are now available in both mp3-audio and mp4-video packages. Listen online or download for your own personal use.

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$ 99
  • High Quality Digital Recordings
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