Purchased during the auspicious period of the 40 Days of 2009 and an addition in 2012, Vrindāvan Eco Village now comprises of 52 acres of lush, untouched tropical rainforest at the heart of Trinidad and Tobago.

Since acquisition, we have been seeking to improve the year-round external access roads to our land, a critical step for all other work in this project.

In 2023, a huge milestone was reached and we could not have done it without your ongoing support and generous donations!

~ A Dream Achieved ~
Bridge Construction & Roadway Access

With a keen focus on roadway access along the Juan Navarro Road, we dedicated approximately $51,000 TT ($7,500 US) for the purchase of equipment in vegetation management, for labour support to assist our volunteers in agricultural and rehabilitation work, for maintenance of vehicle and equipment over the years, for material to enable roadway access.

In the year 2023, a call was made for donations to exclusively be used for the development of the Juan Navarro Roadway and the construction of an access bridge along the Mammoral Valley Road. The response exceeded all expectations!

Over $300,000 TTD donations was used to surface the Juan Navarro Road for approximately 2km and construct the needed bridge to be used by all agricultural estates in the community. This boosts food availability for many as it supports agricultural estates along the Juan Navarro Road each exceeding 10 acre plot sizes. Another major benefit in the road infrastructure is that it allows us to port produce from our land easily.