This project is supported by hearts and hands of many and would not be possible without you. Sincere thanks to our volunteers, local sponsors and supporters from across the world.

Together, we can make a difference.

This lush tropical rainforest is a treasure trove of nature at its finest. A former cocoa, coffee and citrus plantation, the forest is home to abundant wildlife and plant species flanked by majestic trees and pure spring-fed streams.

Since acquisition, we have rehabilitated some of the cocoa and banana trees, harvesting citrus, cocoa, avocados, yams, mangoes, pommerac and chataigne when in season.

In 2014, we introduced bee hives with a few honey extractions over the years. In 2015, we started to process Trinitario cocoa beans into cacao tea and nibs. We also started producing ground coffee for brewing. The infrastructure to continue this work is now our main focus.

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