~ The Dream Continues ~
Charting the Way Forward

With all of your support and generous donations, one key access point from the North East entrance through the Mammoral Valley Road (off the Juan Navarro Road) has been realized. This entrance allows us to easily traverse the lands and export harvests. The new bridge also provides access to all agricultural estates in the community.

There are two main access points to enter into the lands. The second access is critical for further development of the lands. Current investments also include securing our boundaries and ensuring safe routes for our volunteers.

So…what’s next?

Now we are embarking upon another integral access point by way of developing the 0.9 km road on the Southern side of the Mammoral Valley Road. This is shorter, not as labour intensive, more cost-effective and will complete in less time.

All estate owners along this roadway have already provided signed consent to develop the road. This is indeed an investment in the community development and road infrastructure.

We have partnered with the Regional Corporation and they are supplying all the equipment needed for the project as it is a community project that will benefit all.

This access point is key for utilities such as potable water and electricity to directly enter the lands.

Fundraising Goal $20,000

Phased Development Plan

Open existing roadway with proper drainage (Excavator)

  • Duration | 10 days
  • Excavator Diesel  $2,000 TTD
  • Excavator Operator  $5,000 TTD

Grading of the road (D4 Tractor)

  • Duration | 3 days
  • Tractor Diesel $600 TTD
  • Tractor Operator $1,500 TTD


Placement of roadway supporting cylinders at the first two crossings

  • Duration | 2 days
  • (8) 4-ft Cylinders $16,800 TTD
  • Boulders $1,080 TTD
  • Transport $2,000 TTD

Surfacing the 0.9km roadway with boulders

  • Duration | 9 days
  • 100-yards of boulders $13,500 TTD
  • Transport $12,500 TTD
  • Backhoe rental $18,000 TTD


Completion of 7 remaining crossings

  • Duration | 5 days
  • (21) 3-ft Cylinders $29,400 TTD
  • Transport $2,000 TTD
  • 6-8 boulders $2,160 TTD
  • Transport $8,000 TTD