We believe that all of life exists in a dynamic relationship of interconnectedness, which should be recognized, valued, and sustained.

Whilst we are currently facing the greatest global environmental challenge as the natural equilibrium of life on this planet continues to be threatened at an unprecedented rate, we also have the greatest opportunity to change the course of our actions and pioneer a new way forward.

We are responsible for life on the planet, and we need to take our rightful place in restoring and maintaining balance at every level.

What is needed is a strong, stable, and sustained shift in consciousness, that clearly recognizes the issues at hand and stands firmly as a model of the change that our world desperately needs.

Vrindāvan is to be a model eco-farm featuring regenerative agriculture steeped in a deep respect for nature’s biodiversity.

Our aim is to bring us, humankind, back to healthy, harmonious and sustainable relationships with all of life.

Through research, education and experiential exploration we seek to unite indigenous wisdom and practices with modern technology.

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